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Bradley  Reznik

Bradley Reznik

Sales Associate

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In the dynamic and often uncertain world of real estate, the significance of having a skilled agent representing you in the purchase or sale of a property cannot be overstated.  Not only should an agent understand the financial aspects of the field, but also fully comprehend the emotional and personal elements that are involved in a real estate transaction. Bradley’s passion for real estate has evolved from early childhood to present date. Having lived on four continents and having resided in over fifteen homes, he understands both the significance and the underlying factors, both familial and economical  that contribute to finding the perfect property. Prior to entering the world of real estate, Bradley owned a successful multinational diamond wholesaling company, in which he personally both purchased and sold over one billion dollars worth of diamonds and jewelry. This has enabled him over the last 30 years to acquire unprecedented negotiating skills, build long term relationships and follow a business model based on trust, integrity and mutual respect.  Bradley has brought all these attributes to the world of real estate and will offer you unwavering loyalty and commitment.

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Q2 2023 Market Update

While sales activity in the Greater Boston real estate market was slightly slower over the first half of 2023 compared to the first half of 2022, our team has been busier than ever!

Low inventory has translated into rising home prices, even in spite of higher interest rates. Keep in mind, when viewing this report it is a snapshot of the past. View the report by clicking the link below.